Liquid Seal Tyre Saver Saves Money and Improves Operations

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Tyres are not just consumables, they’re mission-critical pieces of equipment, and it pays for
businesses to do everything possible to optimise their performance.

FlowCentric Mining works extensively with organisations in the Mining, Construction, and
Agricultural industries. It is this experience that emphasised how critical tyre protection is to the
productivity and profitability of these industries. With this is mind, the company invested in the
development of a liquid tyre sealant, capable of sealing punctures on the go.

Liquid Seal Tyre Saver is a glycol-based product which coats the inside of operational tyres. When
the tyre is punctured, the escaping air carries the sealant to the puncture. The liquid portion of the
sealant escapes and the fibres build-up and intertwine to form a flexible plug preventing air from
escaping, allowing the vehicle to safely keep moving.

Developed and manufactured in South Africa the liquid tyre sealant, Liquid Seal Tyre Saver, offers
affordable, effective protection for pneumatic tyres fitted to vehicles that don’t exceed speeds of
approximately 100km/h. For example, those used in the agricultural, cargo transport, armoured
transport, mining, and military industries.

Extreme tests have shown Liquid Seal continuously seals penetrations from objects or bullets on the
tyre’s tread area and on the side wall, allowing the vehicle and its passengers to keep moving and
avoid dangerous situations.

For more information:
Website: flowcentric-mining.com
Office: 010 020 4488

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