Alternative Energy from Geothermal Power

by Publisher

We should be doing everything possible to develop geothermal energy technologies. This is a largely
untapped area of tremendous alternative energy potential, as it simply taps the energy being naturally
produced by the Earth herself. Vast amounts of power are present below the surface crust on which we
move and have our being. All we need do is tap into it and harness it.
At the Earths’ core, the temperature is 60 times greater than that of water being boiled. The tremendous
heat creates pressures that exert themselves only a couple of miles below us, and these pressures
contain huge amounts of energy. Superheated fluids in the form of magma, which we see the power and
energy of whenever there is a volcanic eruption, await our tapping.

These fluids also trickle to the surface
as steam and emerge from vents. We can create our own vents, and we can create out own containment
chambers for the magma and convert all of this energy into electricity to light and heat our homes. In the
creation of a geothermal power plant, a well would be dug where there is a good source of magma or
heated fluid. Piping would be fitted down into the source, and the fluids forced to the surface to produce
the needed steam. The steam would turn a turbine engine, which would generate the electricity.

There are criticisms of geothermal energy tapping which prevent its being implemented on the large
scale which it should be. Critics say that study and research to find a resourceful area is too costly and
takes up too much time. Then there is more great expense needed to build a geothermal power plant,
and there is no promise of the plant turning a profit. Some geothermal sites, once tapped, might be
found to not produce a large enough amount of steam for the power plant to be viable or reliable. And
we hear from the environmentalists who worry that bringing up magma can bring up potentially harmful
materials along with it.
However, the great benefits of geothermal energy would subsume these criticisms if only we would
explore it more. The fact that geothermal energy is merely the energy of the Earth herself means it does
not produce any pollutants.

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